Founded in 1919, GRÜN GmbH has been already for decades producer of technically advanced specialist equipment for road construction and road maintenance. Besides devices for crack and joint preparation, crack and joint cutting technology, bitumen transport vehicles, bitumen spray technology and road marking machines, the main part of Grün’s machine range are mastic asphalt and joint sealing technology. This way Grün develops and produces innovative machines for repairing, recycling and transport of mastic asphalt with boiler capacities of 200 till 10.000 liters and sealing compound boilers with capacity of 50 till 800 liters. Our company VAN HOOF W is official distributor of the Grün equipment for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Russia. We will be glad to advise you the right machine for your road construction and maintenance works. We offer also different Grün equipment for rental and second-hand.