Traffic congestion of the road network, especially due to the heavy-load transport, leads to accelerated deterioration and damage of the road surfaces. As the intensive traffic and budget limitations do not allow the prolonged closure and complete rebuilding of the roads, authorities choose more and more the solution of road surface reparations, that can be executed operatively, and that are at the same time long-lasting and economic.
Van Hoof W bvba offers the complete range of products to repare asphalt or concrete surfaces, cold or warm solutions, products with a short drying time, against high traffic and weather impact… For small surfaces or big construction areas we have in our assortment the most qualitative and economic solutions. Our products are easy to process and environmentally safe.
We are official distributor in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France and the Russian Federation for top brands as BORNIT, Interdesco, etc. and are glad to assist you with professional advice.
Also for coating and waterproofing of surfaces and construction elements in industrial buildings, parking places, airports, warehouses, commercial centers and office premises, we are at your disposal.